There are many challenges involved in setting up a business, such as conducting a feasibility study, creating a business plan, calculating the funds needed, securing a place to work, and finding a good accountant to help you with tax returns and other financial issues.

A feasibility study means investigating whether there is actually a market for your product or service and whether it will work. This research will reveal potential problems and make it easier for you to decide whether or not you should proceed with your business.

A business plan does not have to be very complicated; a basic plan is sufficient for a small company. It may not seem important if you are a one-person operation, but it is better to have one because it will help you clearly set out who your competitors are, what strategies you will use to market your services, your plans and goals, and whether or not your business will bring in sufficient financial returns. If you don't have your own funds, consider borrowing money from investors.

Starting out as a sole proprietor is the easiest way to form a business because you are only responsible for yourself. If you are starting a business with someone else, you should consider entering into a partnership agreement.

A business that is doing well is often due to location, think about how you will appear to pass trade, if there are competing stores nearby, how easily customers can park, and also how long your lease will last. You don't want to move your store when your business is just starting to take off and lose the majority of your customers.

Deciding on your marketing strategy at the beginning is key to the success of your business and will also give you a good idea of your budget. Every business needs a marketing plan to advertise and get the most out of your business. Do your research on the most effective strategies for your type of business, popular forms of advertising include brochures, radio, newspapers, public relations, trade shows, sales representatives, and of course having your own website.

It makes sense to get professional advice. Most businesses have some sort of legal agreement in place, such as leases, finance agreements, indemnity, confidentiality, and supply agreements. Insurance is another factor that should not be forgotten. Find out what you need to cover all eventualities, including life insurance and general insurance.

Hiring a good accountant is also very important. You are liable to pay income tax among other taxes and this can be a particularly challenging area to figure out. Go online and find a good accountant in Sydney to help you set up your business, plan your taxes, and file your returns.
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