When you hear the term forensic accounting, the first thing that comes to mind is forensics in criminal investigation. However, it is a little different from that. This forensic investigation targets crimes against property. Although many people may not know it, the field of forensic accounting has existed for years. As problems have become more complex in the business environment, the need for this type of work has increased. Examples of crimes that forensic accountants investigate include fraud. They may also work on civil disputes. Forensic accounting is a combination of several different skills into one.

It includes investigation, auditing, and accounting. By combining these skills, one is able to analyze certain events for legal proceedings. People who work in this field must also have skills related to their ability to express their findings. This relates to litigation support, which is part of their job. This means that the person will usually have to be available when needed. As part of litigation support, the person must also provide information that addresses losses due to crime. In order to do this, they must integrate the ability to analyze, interpret, summarize, and present complex information in a way that can be understood, as well as prepare the necessary supporting documentation.

There are many places where you can find a forensic accountant. Many of the places where you can find people who do forensic accounting are in their own public practice, along with being employed in places like the police, banks, insurance companies, government agencies and other areas. Much of the work they do is related to the analysis and investigation of financial evidence, as well as the creation of applications that are used by others to analyze and present financial evidence.

Once the forensic accountant has collected the information, he or she must compile it into a report or documentary evidence. This is related to the litigation support mentioned earlier, where they will have to act as expert witnesses. You must also keep abreast of legal proceedings and business matters.

People who work in forensic accounting have a number of characteristics. They are creativity and curiosity. It is also very important to be persistent and organized when necessary, as well as confident and have good professional judgment. If this is you, then you will want to have a thorough understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and related laws and business practices.
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