6 Easy Tips For Beautiful Eyelashes

06/04/2020 9:58 am ET
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Most women want long, thick, distinctive, natural eyelashes. Who wouldn't want them? And you want to keep your natural lashes as healthy as possible. Eyelashes are part of our face and should get the same attention we give to our skin and hair. Eyelash care is important to enhance your beauty because long, thick, and healthy lashes make your eyes more beautiful and attractive. With a little more care and attention and a few changes in your daily behavior, you can naturally get long, thick, strong, soft, beautiful, attractive, and healthy lashes. Follow these eyelash care tips to get results quickly and efficiently.

1.) Moisten your lashes with Vaseline

Moistening your lashes can prevent them from breaking and help them grow faster and stronger, and is one of my best eyelash care tips. Eyelashes fall naturally as they grow heavier at the base. If you can add a little strength to the base, like with Vaseline, the lashes can stay a little longer and continue to grow.

How to apply vaseline in your lashes: 

Clean the area of your eyelid and make sure your lashes are free of mascara and debris (you can even use Vaseline to clean your mascara for this step). Just take a cotton swab and dip it in a little Vaseline, you don't have to apply much.

2.) Pay more attention to the ingredients of your mascara

Apply mascara that curls and strengthens lashes while stimulating their growth. There are many mascaras on the market that contain vitamins and minerals that stimulate the growth of lashes. It can be your 2-in-1 wonder tool!

3.) Eat the Right Diet

The best way to look good on the outside is a more holistic approach to your health. If your body doesn't get what it needs in terms of vitamins and minerals, your lashes will eventually grow slower and thinner. Drink plenty of water and try to add a healthy diet rich in protein, vitamins C, E, and B complex to your diet. These vitamins do wonders for your hair and lashes.

4.) Clean your lashes

Make sure you remove all makeup before going to bed. For the eyes, it is always better to remove makeup with an eye makeup remover. Your choice of eye makeup remover is extremely important. You want something light and alcohol-free so your lashes don't dry out. It is also good to use soft cotton swabs to remove your eye make-up in a soft one-way traffic like direction.

5.) Brush Your Lashes

In the same way, as we brush and massage our hair and scalp, the area around the eyes is also affected, which has a positive effect on the lashes. It is also a good way to relax.Brushing the eyelashes and massaging the eyelids promotes blood circulation. This improves the nutrition of the area and makes your follicles and the skin around your eyes healthier; this should promote the growth and health of your lashes.

6.) Use Pure Castor Oil

There is evidence that ricinoleic acid, a chemical compound that makes up almost 90 percent of castor oil, could help reverse hair loss. Place a small amount of the oil on another part of your skin, such as your arm, one day before your first eyelash treatment. If you don't develop skin irritation, the oil should be safe for use on your lashes.The best time to treat your lashes is before bedtime.

To treat your lashes with castor oil:

Make sure you're not allergic to castor oil before attempting this!

  1. Make sure your lashes are clean and completely free of makeup.
  2. Absorb a small amount of castor oil by carefully dipping a cotton swab into the oil.
  3. Gently run the swab along the top edge of the lash line, making sure no oil gets into the eye.
  4. Wash the castor oil in the morning with water or makeup remover.