05/20/2020 11:58 am ET
how to choose a reliable web hosting company

There were times when all you had to consider when choosing the right web hosting service was bandwidth and storage space. Today, when you decide on the right web host for your website, you need an extensive analysis of the service provider and the available benefits.

At the same time, you need to take into account the fact that different hosting service providers are differently suited for hosting different types of websites. However, there are some common but very important factors that you should consider before committing to a service provider. Here they are:

Availability of backups of the website

Backup is an important part of web hosting. There have been many painful cries when an entire blog database was deleted with a critical error. If your chosen web hosting option offers this service, your entire website can be restored with a little advice from your web hosting provider.

Ask about your host's disaster recovery plans and how they will benefit you.

Ability to add domains

Even though you may start with a single website and a single domain name, you will soon realize that you need multiple websites, domains, and subdomains to popularize your website. Therefore, before signing up with a particular service provider, you should check their different packages and make sure that they allow you to run multiple websites on a single web hosting account.

Find out the cost of the unlimited website and subdomain packages and compare them with the other players in the industry. In short, take the time to choose a web host that offers different service packages that allow you to add new domains that you can scale over time.

Shared hosting

A good way to save a few valuable dollars in web hosting is to choose the shared hosting option. The idea is that instead of using an entire web server for your online presence, which in most cases is an exaggerated need, you and dozens of other websites share one website with clean partitions and at an incredibly low price.

The biggest drawback of this arrangement can be a slow response time for your visitors. Also, it can be a serious problem for your website if one of your online "neighbors" are engaging in activities that search engines don't allow, which can drag you down along with the bad neighbor even though you've done nothing wrong.

Conclusion: If you are interested in shared hosting, work with a reputable host.

Costs for registration and maintenance

The web hosting industry usually offers attractive hosting plans at registration and up until your first payment. However, renewal costs are often more than three times higher. Can they be avoided? Only if you hope to switch from one hosting provider to another at a discount after every two years. To avoid the surprise effect at the end of the discount period, check the renewal costs for the package you want.

Your shared hosting plan probably won't last forever, and your site may grow rapidly and need a VPS or dedicated hosting service. Consider such costs for upgrades and host changes when choosing your provider.  

Hosting Support

The technical support that your web hosting provider offers will be very important. There is nothing more depressing than watching your numbers drop due to downtime in the main sales seasons. Although it is impossible to avoid all the downtime, using the best technical support, your site will be online and operational again without major losses.

Find a hosting provider that doesn't charge extra for 24/7 telephone support with real technicians who speak your language.

Hosting Account Limitations

Each hosting company has a set of contractual conditions, the breach of which will result in additional costs, temporary or permanent suspension of your hosting service. For example, did you know that some hosting providers prohibit the use of excessive amounts of CPU to run compute-intensive and more than two-second scripts on their servers?

For each of these actions, you may be charged additional fees or your site may be suspended indefinitely and without refund. Please take the time to read these terms and conditions and only sign up for the service if you intend to comply with them. The most important thing is to avoid companies without clear terms of service claiming that the limitation and suspension of accounts are decisions made at management's discretion.

Domain Parking

Another important service you should get from your provider is parking for your other business domain names. Buying the .coms, .orgs, .net and other versions of your domain names and possible spelling errors is a good way to monitor traffic.

Uptime Guarantee

Believe it or not, your website will not have 100% guaranteed availability, even the most reputable online hosts usually offer 99.9% availability at best. For your online presence, the web host you choose mustn't be constantly troubled by server failures. Find out if your web host has backup sites or mirrored surfaces that you can use to keep your site running and secure your business.

E-commerce and email options

You will receive more feedback and even subscriber conversions if you have linked your e-mail to the domain name of your website. In this case, when searching for the right web hosting company, choose a company that offers e-mail hosting for the primary e-mail of your website.

In the past, most people identified the right hosting company based on the amount of disk space, and bandwidth provided. The perception of what's more important has now shifted to affordability. However, if you are looking to work and continuously expand your website soon, you should consider a comprehensive approach to identifying a suitable web hosting provider that takes into account all factors that affect the optimal functionality of your website.