How To Promote Your Website Cost-Effectively

06/04/2020 9:58 am ET
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The fact that you have put your website on the internet does not mean that everyone will come to it. In fact, no one will know it exists unless you share and promote it. There are several services that can help you spread the message, but many of these services can cost quite a bit of money. Here are some website promotion tips that you should follow to get your site to the top of search engines for little or no cost.

1.) Improve your SEO

One of the best free ways to promote a website is SEO or search engine optimization. It refers to the process of customizing the pages, content, and design of your website to better attract search engines. While many companies spend thousands of dollars a year on SEO companies, the truth is that you might be able to improve your search engine positions without spending a penny as mastering SEO can realistically be accomplished by most anyone in a relatively short period of time.

2.) Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an advertising method where you pay money to websites for advertising and pay them a pre-determined amount of money for each click on your ad that appears on their website. You can use this method to make sure your site appears in search results and on other sites if you want a quicker way of generating traffic to your site other than organic SEO, which can take months before seeing any improvements from your optimization work. PPC is definitely a good way to generate traffic for your website if you have the money.

3.) Internal Linking

If your site has less than twenty pages, make sure that each page of your site has at least one link to your site from another page. This ensures that the entire website is searchable by search engines. Ideally, these links should be embedded somewhere on the page. Sometimes this is possible and sometimes not. You also want to use descriptive words as anchor text for the link.

4.) Start Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has lost some of its popularity in recent years. However, the truth is that this technique can do a lot to send traffic to your site, provided you choose the right host sites. In addition, talented guest bloggers help position themselves as industry leaders and make their products and services credible and desirable. Just make sure that the blogs you submit are well written and informative, no spamming or self-promotion, and that you can include a link to your site in an author's biography or elsewhere in the post. Remember, however, that you strive to provide valuable information to the readers of the host site - not just to promote your own products.

5.) Join Social Media Groups

One way you should definitely use social media, even if you don't have active accounts on these popular sites, is to make it easy for other people to share your site with their friends. Setting up social media accounts for your website or small business won't cost you a penny. Facebook Groups and Business Pages are a great way to connect with your existing customers, build a community, share your content, and attract new customers.