10 Effective Ways To Save Money

06/05/2020 1:27 am ET
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When it comes to saving money, there's always something more you can do. By changing some old habits and developing new ones, you can make significant savings.We all want to save money. And whether you deny yourself with that expensive coffee once a week or that trip to the tanning salon, everyone has their own way of saving.Use these money-saving tips to develop ideas on how best to save money in your daily life.

1.) Offset for your mortgage

If you have both a savings account and a home loan, it is time to combine them. Refine your mortgage to a better interest rate and make sure you get 100% compensation, then your savings will compensate the interest you pay on your home loan while it's still available.

2.) Eliminate your debts

Monthly debt payments are the biggest obstacle to saving. Debts deprive you of your income! So it's time for you to get rid of these debts. Don't worry, it's more about behavioral change than numbers. Once your income is clear, you can finally use it to make progress towards your savings goals.

3.) Setting savings goal

One of the best ways to save money is to think about what you're saving for. If you need motivation, set a savings goal and a time schedule to make the savings easier.

4.) Cancel automatic subscriptions and memberships

Chances are you are paying for multiple subscriptions, such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, gym memberships, trendy subscription boxes and Amazon Prime. It's time to cancel subscriptions you don't use in a regular way. And make sure you turn off "auto-renewal" when you make a purchase.

5.) Avoid annual fees

If you pay an annual fee with your credit card, ask for a waiver. Or better yet, transfer your credit card balance to a new card that doesn't have an annual fee - it's easy!

6.) Stop buying small luxury items and pack your lunch.

Your daily working lunches may seem cheap for $10 a day, but that would be $200 a month and about $2,200 a year. Spend an afternoon each week shopping and packing lunch instead of buying it. Be sure to bring a grocery list to avoid impulse purchases.

7.) Save on utilities

If you lower the thermostat of your boiler by 10°F, you can save between 3 and 5 percent of the energy costs. And installing a demand-driven or tankless boiler can save up to 30 percent compared to a standard hot water tank.

Don't stop there, you are probably also wasting a lot of money on cable tv you never watch. No one needs hundreds of channels. Look to see if the channels you love are available online for a smaller cost.

8.) Borrow - don't buy

Do you need a tree trunk cutter for weekend work or a hand blender to make soup? Borrow it from a friend or neighbor instead of going to the store.

9.) Throw all your loose change in a piggy bank

You'll be surprised how quickly you can save a small fortune from your loose change. Turn the redemption of your coins into a reward game. Treat yourself for learning new money habits every other month and add the other months of accumulated change to your savings.

10.) Reduce your mobile phone bill

Save money on your mobile service by eliminating extras such as expensive data subscriptions, phone insurance, and unnecessary guarantees.

If you want to take it one step further, switch to a discount carrier who piggy-backs off of a network that has good reception in your area. You'll be getting nearly the same service quality, but at a fraction of the price.