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What Counts as a Character?
Character count is based on the original input, minus spaces. As an added bonus, when multiple results are returned that were not specifically requested, no additional characters will be deducted.
Why Do I Need to Use a Credit Card for a Free 7-Day Trial?
Requiring a credit card to receive a free trial drastically reduces fraud and abuse of Chugzi resources. You can immediately cancel your subscription after registering for a free 7 day trial and you will still have access for the full 7 days.
What if I Want a Refund?
Refunds are allowed up to 30 days after purchase, and refund amounts will be determined based on account usage. If a free 7-day trial has expired, the prorated amount will not exclude the free trial period, so be sure to cancel any unwanted subscription within the trial period to avoid incurring any cost.
Can I switch plans and receive another free 7-Day trial?
Free trials are only available for new members, so please choose the plan that best suits your needs and do not switch subscriptions until your free trial period has ended, to avoid incurring any charge.
What Does Private API Access Mean?
Private API access means you are permitted to use the API for personal use and are not allowed to put up a Chugzi clone or some other type of public or private customer-facing tool that allows customers to utilize the API directly. Your private API access to Chugzi will not work in a multi-user app environment and both you and your customers will just end up being disappointed. If you would like to use Chugzi for a multi-user customer-facing app, reach out to Support to inquire.
How Many Websites Can I Use the WordPress Plugin With?
You are free to install and use the WordPress plugin on any number of websites desired. However, please note that each Chugzi account functions as a single-user license, which means that while you are free to use Chugzi on any number of websites, use of Chugzi will only work for one user at a time.
What Happens to Unused Characters?
Unused characters  will be lost. The reason for this is the servers delivering requests still need to be up, running and ready to serve your requests regardless of whether you choose to utilize your full character limit or not. If subscribed to Chugzi Pro, which offers Unlimited characters each month, none of this would apply.